School Choice

How would you like to hear a plan that will improve education for every child in California State without costing taxpayers one extra cent? This is not a partisan agenda, nor does it only benefit one race or gender. This is a plan that benefits EVERY SINGLE CHILD no matter their political affiliation, race, gender, religion, or anything else and it doesn’t matter if you have kids in k-12 school or not. This affects ALL of us as the kids are the future of our country and they are going to be the ones who grow up to make the policies in the future that keep this country going. So, this matters to EVERYONE and is important to everyone. 

The state of California currently spends nearly $90 billion dollars a year on k-12 education. That’s BILLION with a B. This money is spread between 6-6.5 million school kids and that comes out to about $14,000 a year per child per year. That’s not even all the money that is spent, but we are only going after the PROP 98 funds. What our plan does, is allow for any parent who is interested to set up an educational savings fund in their child’s name, that is protected from anything the government does, and they can have that $14,000 put in that account every year to spend on their child’s education. They can pick any accredited private, parochial, or homeschool of their choice and what they don’t spend, they save! Whatever is left in their educational savings account after they graduate high school can be used at any accredited secondary school in the nation and they have until they are 30 years old to use it.

This means for the first time, ALL children will have an opportunity at a stellar education as this money puts private school within the reach of every family in California no matter their financial status. More than 75% of all the private schools in California are under that $14,000 a year price point.  
The entire purpose of this plan is to create TRUE choices for the parents on what they feel is the best educational option for their children, regardless of socioeconomic status. This plan does not take any side or stand on the curriculum at all; it simply gives the parent the choice. In other states where school choice has been implemented, ALL education including in public schools has improved as it forces the public schools to improve their education and listen to the wants and needs of the students and parents again.
Please help us support this amazing initiative by signing our petition and helping us get this on the 2022 ballot.

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