San Mateo Republican Party Votes to Support Donna Colson for Burlingame City Council

At our Central Committee meeting on October 10th, 2019 we voted to *support Donna Colson in her race for re-election on the Burlingame City Council.

Although Donna is not a registered Republican, this race is non-partisan and she shares our values the most out of the three candidates running.

She supports local control of zoning and housing, careful management of city funds, targeted infrastructure spending, adequate public safety and a host of other issues that make Burlingame a well run city.

With no Republicans running in the race, she was the obvious choice and we encourage registered Republicans to vote for her.

UPDATE: We congratulate Ms. Colson on her win and look forward to her next four years on the council.


*Supporting is not the same as endorsing, because we only endorse Republican candidates.