San Mateo Republican Party Endorses President Donald J. Trump, Bridget Mahoney and Erin Smith

At our first meeting of 2020 on January 9th, we made some additional endorsements.


We endorsed Bridget Mahoney for her run in the 22nd Assembly District.


We of course voted unanimously to endorse President Trump for a second term. Many members of the committee are delighted with the direction he is taking the country in, on multiple fronts such as: tax reform, regulatory reform, immigration reform, trade reform, foreign policy reform, infrastructure permitting reform, judicial appointments etc... The list goes on and on, and with so many solid Republican policy wins, this was an easy vote.


On the ballot front, we voted to oppose the Public Preschool, K-12, and College Health and Safety Bond Act of 2020. We felt it would change the long standing rules for Proposition 13 to raise taxes in CA where the taxes are already very high with no noticeable benefit felt by the citizens.


The Chair subsequently endorsed Erin Smith for the 11th Senate District.