President Trump Overpass Rally in San Mateo County

What started as a clandestine, by-invitation-only rally of 15 people blossomed into a full-blown show of support for President Trump in the center of liberal San Mateo County!

Over 50 supporters with diverse backgrounds, covered the overpass with large Trump flags for a beautiful display of patriotism. The bike/pedestrian overpass was so crowded we had to escort cyclists through. Our supporters were elated and energized. What made this event even more worthwhile was that we had strangers exit the freeway and walk up to the overpass, to tell us we made their day. These new participants included a father and son, a young man walking from In-n-Out Burger, a man watching from a nearby car dealership, a tennis instructor, a man returning home to Union City, and several men on their way home from work. They had never seen a public display of Trump support in our County like this before. Given the thousands of cars that drove under us during rush hour, I’m sure we gave many like-minded people hope, inspiration, and courage.

We had many, many honks of support. Especially heartwarming were the big long blasts from large trucks. We saw many thumbs up and some thumbs down, including middle fingers. One head-scratching moment was when a young man recklessly pulled over onto the center divide of the freeway and threw his shoes up at us, missing his target.

Overall, it was a great event and fun was had by everyone.