Open Letter To Rep Jackie Speier

You shocked the San Mateo County Republican Party with your recent Tweet “The Republicans have been calling Democrats the radical left. Time to call Republicans the terrorist right?”. The Merriam-Webster definition of a terrorist is someone who practices or is involved in acts of violence.

You acted recklessly and divisively by labeling all law-abiding Republicans as terrorists, including those who denounced the violence on January 6th, who participated peacefully in demonstrations, or simply did not attend. The term radical left that you conjured is actually a reference to political ideology, is neither an assassination of character nor does it incite others to violent attacks.

We expect you as a government leader to be rational, not inflammatory, especially considering all the challenges presented in 2020. Your outrageous allegations are entirely inconsistent with President Biden’s commitment to representing all Americans and his call for unity. Unfortunately, your characterization of Republicans suggests the opposite, and the lives of 63,681 registered Republicans (also your constituents), and many Americans, may now be at risk of being physically and verbally harmed or treated unfairly.

Sadly, your Tweet has damaged any perception of you as an inclusive leader in San Mateo County. Your apology is warranted. We are disheartened that the suffering endured under COVID-19 was insufficient to have you focus on “We are all in this together”. Instead, you chose a path that excludes those who hold different beliefs and political ideology from you who, at the same time, constitute a group you committed to serve and represent.

We in San Mateo County will continue to work in unity and help support local small businesses, our neighbors, and our families through their emotional sufferings and economic hardships irrespective of political differences.



The San Mateo County Republican Party

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Rep Jackie Speier Tweets Republicans Terrorists