The following people are members of the San Mateo County Republican Central Committee. They are elected to four-year terms via public election or are appointed by other members when a vacancy arises.

The districts they represent match the boundaries of the supervisorial districts shown in the image below.

Executive Committee


Christine Laskowski

First Vice Chair

P. Gregory Conlon

Second Vice Chair

Anna Kramer

Third Vice Chair

Bridget Mahoney


Thomas Weissmiller


Daniel Torurian

San Mateo County Supervisorial Districts

District 1

Bridget Mahoney

Kim Rupert

District 2

District 3

P. Gregory Conlon

Anna Kramer

Henry Lawrence

Peter Ohtaki

Stephen Vivien

C. Heart

Christina Laskowski

Ken Lou

Thomas Weissmiler

Scott Woodword

Ex officio

District 4

Angel Cardenas

Brandon Lang

Shayma Steiner

Stephen Steiner

District 5

John McDonnell

US Congressional D14

Ran Patel

CA Senate D13

Dr. Alexander Glew

CA Assembly D22

Mark Gilham

CA Assembly D24

Peter Ohtaki

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