Member Report on Suspicious Voting in Nevada

After the November 2020 Presidential election, one of our members went to Nevada to investigate suspicious voting patterns. They worked with Election Integrity Project and the Nevada Republican Party who supplied them with a list of voters to contact. These were voters who were recorded as having voted by mail by the Nevada Secretary of State. What they found was alarming and counters the narrative that "vote fraud doesn't happen". Here is their report.

     If I hadn’t gone to Nevada to investigate election irregularities, I might have agreed with the claims of no evidence of voter fraud many Americans have asserted. But I did, and I conducted approximately 150 in-person, door-to-door interviews. Of the two voter lists I was asked to verify, one had 10% of the voters not residing in the stated addresses. Some of these were addresses in which the occupant had lived there for many years, and did not know the name of the person who was supposedly registered there and voted. This means there are people randomly registering at other peoples' addresses and voting as if they lived there.

The other list of mail-in ballot voters had 30% of the voters either not residing at that address or did not vote by mail. I completed affidavits stating these facts, documents which represent evidence in a court of law.

I am not sure if these irregularities can be attributed to intentional voter fraud or a lack of procedures by the Nevada Elections Office to ensure the voter rolls are current. In either case, they give credence to the notion that our elections are far from clean, and their outcomes dubious.

For those who may believe election fraud has always taken place and that it is inconsequential to changing the outcome of an election, I ask you: Why should we accept ANY voter fraud? What does overturning an election have to do with an honest election process we can trust or believe in as Americans? In our own San Mateo County, I was able to observe the vote counting process, but I was unable to watch the signature verification (a key feature of mail in ballots) due to privacy concerns per the County officer. To date, we have not been able to obtain poll tapes from the machines and need to understand why their system is different from Santa Clara County when the same Dominion machines are used.

I did not have a right to vote when I left Taiwan when it was ruled by a dictatorship. Taiwan citizens only obtained the right to vote in 1991 for congress and in 1996 for the presidency. My parents escaped from Communist China in 1949 and I grew up hearing about the sufferings of Chinese under totalitarian rule. Most Americans take voting and honest elections for granted because they never experienced anything different. But today in America, simply asserting possible election fraud, questioning, and asking for transparency of elections can result in people being threatened, harassed, censored and even labeled terrorists. Personally, I pondered whether I should write this article for fear of being attacked, insulted, or labeled.

As a person who enjoys working with numbers, I would have liked to see a statistics-based rebuttal to Peter Navarro’s election fraud reports. Simply dismissing it or asserting there was no election fraud does not quell my need for facts. And Twitter’s claim of misinformation using CNN and other mainstream media as a source is woefully inadequate. Even more astonishing was the assertion that claims of no standing and dismissal of lawsuits by judges meant they looked at the evidence and there was none. Listening to all of the mainstream media and legislators who wanted to look no further, I wondered whether I was the only person who wanted facts instead of assertions.

For the sake of freedom of speech, and to unify this country, I call on all of us to be tolerant, look at both sides of the issue, and think independently. We should encourage the curiosity to dig a little deeper than headlines and ask why. Why is there censorship of only the conservatives? There are alt right groups AND there are alt left groups. Why didn’t we see censorship of Antifa groups that looted and burned businesses and the calling out of politicians who called for these violent “protests”?   The picking and choosing of sides by media, giant tech, educational institutions and large corporations only aggravates and does not unify the country.

We MUST work together to ensure EVERYONE believes in our election integrity. Asking for a 10-day emergency audit of our elections was reasonable and isn’t unpatriotic. If we are transparent and prove that our election wasn’t fraudulent, it pulls our country together so that we can all share in the pride that America’s election process is the safest in the world. And to an immigrant like myself, it is of paramount importance to believe I made the right choice to immigrate to a country based on fair, honest, and transparent elections founded on the principles of individual liberties and freedom.