Democrat Party Policies of Job Destruction

Our endorsed candidate for SD-13 has written a guest blog post on the destructive housing proposals from his Democrat opponents.



Dear Friends,


Peninsula TV recently held a candidate forum for Democrat candidates in the race for CA Senate District 13, that covers roughly from Sunnyvale to South San Francisco. The video in its entirety can be found here.


When asked about solving the “housing crisis” and to respond to Sen. Weiner’s proposals, Candidate Josh Becker said the following. "If you are a large company over 1000 employees, for every job you create you should have to fund a unit of housing nearby. This will not stop the problem but will stop it from getting worse." (See at 16:31 minutes.) Attacking large companies plays well to certain voter segments but does not decrease the cost of housing.


Unfortunately, this strategy will kill job creation by large companies in CA while not solving the intended problem. It will cost a company far too much to justify hiring in CA. This job killing proposal would stop expansion by all of the large companies in the Silicon Valley and Hollywood, as well as the Defense, Biotech, Finance, Agriculture, Energy, Transportation, Skiing, Construction, and countless other industries in CA. Other states would benefit from such an anti-business policy, while CA citizens and industry would suffer respectively from lack of opportunity and ability to expand. His proposal for the State of CA to demand that a business “fund” a house for every employee it hires over 1,000 is an extreme and undue intrusion into the business and the lives of people who operate and work at it.


As a member of the San Mateo and Santa Clara County GOP Central Committees, and a Republican Candidate for State Senate District 13, I must point out to all Republicans and interested voters that this job killing policy is harmful to both CA citizens and the business community and does not reduce housing costs. Further, this anti-job and anti-business policy is contrary to American values, such as opportunity, freedom, and pursuit of the American dream. Listen carefully to what the candidates propose in this coming election.


Alexander Glew, Ph.D., P.E.
Committee Member of San Mateo GOP
Republican Candidate for State Senate District 13