2019 Christmas Party Report and Happy 2020 New Year

2019 Christmas Party Report and Happy 2020 New Year

On December 18th, we had our yearly Christmas celebration.

Successful teamwork pulled off another fabulous event for SMGOP at the holiday party on December 18th. The Redwood City Women’s Club was almost filled to capacity and the energy in the room was palpable! Spirits were not dampened by the partisan Democrat impeachment of our President that day!

State Assembly, Senate and Congressional Candidates from San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Francisco Counties introduced themselves and outlined their positions. Our guest speakers, Corrin Rankin (President and Founder of the Legacy Republican Alliance) and Jonathan Madison (Bay Area Regional Vice Chair) shared their efforts and successes on voter outreach.

A welcome delight was that a group of young Republicans came from all over the Bay Area and connected with one another. SMGOP can play a key role in developing these future leaders.

A note of thanks to all who came to the party and made contributions. Christina Laskowski got the venue and, together with Catherine Hart, found speakers. Marjorie Baer, Stephan and Shyama Steiner, Ken Loo, Matt & Qiva Feemster, Art Kiesel, Linda Koelling, and Anna Kramer, together with volunteer Theresa Chalmers, put the food and drinks together. Bruce Golino was our bartender. Cliff Kramer made the place festive. Kelly Radetich, President of MPRWF, donated raffle prizes, decorations, and helped us register attendees. Thomas Laskowski took photos and registered guests. Rafel Con sold raffle tickets. With such teamwork, our future looks bright.

Let's make 2020 a year where Republicans win in San Mateo County and all across the country!